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Redbox Late Fees Overview

The consumer protection division of BCA has filed a class action lawsuit against Redbox seeking damages for violations of the various State Acts, as well as for
unlawful penalties and unjust enrichment.

If you have been charged fees from Redbox, you may eligible to take part in the class action lawsuit and
receive compensation for Redbox’s illegal and unfair rental policies. Read the Full Redbox Late Fees Overview

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Featured Redbox Late Fees Case

A single mother in Illinois was attracted to lower rental fees of only $1 per night and the guarantee of “no late fees,” she recently rented various DVDs from Redbox. She was then unpleasantly surprised when she returned some DVDs shortly after the 9:00 p.m. return deadline only to find out she was charged another $1.

Her children unfortunately lost two other DVDs she watched with them, and knowing she would have to pay some amount for a replacement, she was shocked when Redbox automatically charged her $25 per DVD – more than triple the price it charges to buy used DVDs available from its kiosks for only $7.

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Other Legal Troubles For Redbox

Redbox, with its aggressive, take-no-prisoners approach to business, is in deep disputes with nearly all of the major Hollywood studios. Coming at a time when threatening to raise prices while simultaneously showing record profits, Redbox legal department is working overtime in a sue or be sued mentality. Needless to say, many people are calling for an end to the insanity and a return to accountability.

Is Redbox worth the wait?

Redbox caves to Hollywood pressure to detriment of consumers

Is Redbox Raising Its $1 a night Price Due to Hollywood Studio Pressure

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